Perfect (Die)ts in the Media

By: Sierra Ramos

Women, in particular, are supposed to have a flawless body with perfect proportions because that is what we see in some of today’s media: advertisements, magazines and television commercials. This can be unfortunate for some girls because they go to the extremes to try and look like the models in advertisements, whose jobs are to look “perfect,” which is not always the reality. Women with a lot of body fat and imperfections are not idolized and categorized as “sexy and beautiful” because it does not look good. I think that confidence should be expressed more in the media.

Girls, especially, can develop eating disorders, such as starving themselves, in order to achieve the perfect body. This is dangerous because eating disorders can be fatal and hard to overcome. I do not like how society almost forces females to have perfect bodies and flawless skin because everyone takes that mentality in a different way. Some will cut out junk food, drink more water and exercise, while others will completely stop eating, or just regurgitate what they did eat. It is not the models’ fault, who get paid to stay fit like “Victoria’s Secrets” models or the Paris Fashion Week models, but I think it is just society as a whole who promote that having little to no body fat is beautiful. However, today’s generation has been currently obsessed with curves, such as big or “thick” butts and thighs, which can also hurt a thinner girl’s self-esteem. It seems like there is no guessing what the next fad will be. I remember when celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen were popular and they had some eating disorder problems because they were getting too skinny. Now a days, celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian are idolized because of their curvy bodies.

There is no way to please everybody, so I think women should focus more on themselves and stop trying to copy people they see on TV and in magazines. Being healthy and happy is the most important thing because the only person you should want to impress is yourself. This all goes for men as well.

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