Powerful Growth from Pinterest

By Alexandra Blateri

Whether it’s pinning thigh slimming workouts and salted caramel cheesecake recipes simultaneously, or unapologetically saving wedding pins, despite the fact that I’m years away from getting engaged, Pinterest remains one of my favorite internet pastimes.

Photo retrieved from The Daily Grind, originally posted by Reddit user Wal4357


Since Pinterest was introduced six years ago, it has become more than a just place to find DIY dog Halloween costumes. It has developed into an effective tool for retailers and marketers. Brands can use Pinterest to retarget customers in a number of ways. This includes curating target audiences based on their Pinterest boards, building campaigns around user interaction with pins, and showing specific promotional pins based on item categories the user recently shopped for on the retail site.

Graph retrieved from The Wall Street Journal

The impact of this is immense when you consider the recent growth Pinterest has been experiencing. The site currently has 150 million monthly active users, up 50% from last year. This growth rate puts it in the running to compete with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest has also increased its global reach, reporting 75% of new users registering from outside of the United States. Although women still make up the majority of active Pinterest users, men are steadily migrating to the site and account for 40% of new registrations worldwide.

Screen Shot 2016-10-16 at 6.41.44 PM.png
Hacking Pinterest Terminal, screenshot by Alexandra Blateri

Pinterest’s developers just created an Easter egg, prompting users to try to hack the site. In all fairness, it’s more of a game than a sincere invitation to  hack into Pinterest. When a user searches “Javascript” or “nodejs”, among the results they will see a box that says “Hack Pinterest, How far can you get?”. By clicking the box, a terminal appears on the screen. The object of the game is to keep a fictional group of hackers from taking down Pinterest, and in doing so, they are entered to win a $50 gift card. This is an interesting way for Pinterest to peak the interest of web developers and expand its user base, beyond the typical DIY and crafting community.

Pinterest is unique from other social media sites in that it is discovery based and used for planning rather than sharing life’s moments in real time. Research reported that 93% of Pinterest users use the site to plan future purchases. The site made it even easier for users to purchase items when it launched “buyable pins” in January of 2015. Pinterest is becoming very intuitive in connecting users to what they are looking for. In November of 2015 the site introduced its visual search tool enabling users to upload an image and find hundreds of similar items. Due to recent growth, some retailers are allocating more of their budgets to marketing on Pinterest. Considering that each month there are 2 Billion Pinterest searches from people looking to do or buy things, advertising on the site seems like a wise choice.

….And for anyone that is still thinking about the salted caramel cheesecake mentioned earlier in this post, click here for the recipe!





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