Shailene Woodley Uses Facebook Live to Broadcast her Arrest

Shailene Woodley was arrested earlier this week (Monday October 10th) for protesting the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline.

The actress is best known for her leading role in The Fault in Our Stars. Her sacrifice drew in over 4.4 million views as well as support from many other celebrities.

As stated in the Indian Country Today article, Shailene was “among 28 unarmed people arrested by riot police for peacefully demonstrating at the site where Energy Transfer Partners is working on the 1,172-mile-long, $3.8 billion pipeline set to wend its way through North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Illinois, carrying as many as 550,000 barrels of crude daily from the Bakken oil fields.”

No matter the volume of importance this issue holds, and the magnitude of people it concerns, mainstream media has refused to cover it. That’s why Shailine has been using Facebook to spread awareness about the Dakota Access Pipeline for months. Everything that she has posted and shared has lead up to this event, which generated more attention than anyone expected.

You might be wondering what ridiculous stunt she had to pull to catch the authorities eyes. However Shailene did nothing to bring the arrest upon herself but participate in the protest. In the video Woodley is singled out from dispersing protesters, detained when she tries to walk to her car, then after she explains that she is filming the situation, is arrested for trespassing.

Despite the fact that her mother was by her side, helping her broadcast the situation to her 40,000 followers on Facebook, the police still decided to place her under arrest.

Perhaps the authorities were trying to send a message. Maybe they wanted to scare Shailene’s viewers out of protesting, but the only message picked up on social media was how unjust the arrest was, and how far cops will go to suppress peoples voices.

After everything the police did to embarrass themselves in front of live viewers, the cherry on top was that the arresting officer failed to read Shailene her Miranda Rights.




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