Social Media: A Woman’s Greatest Hater

Social media outlets can be used as a way to promote good will  and motivation to one another. It can be a great tool to help share sympathy, passion and love for people you may not even know. But for some reason, social media has become the target platform to humiliate, insult and torture one another all while hiding behind a computer screen or username.

We are living in the generation of cyberbullying. This phenomena has quickly spread over the last couple of years. It doesn’t seem to matter what age, race, ethnicity or gender; no one is safe from the monster that is online bullying. But I want to take the time to focus on how women’s bodies specifically are targeted, beat down and torn apart daily on social media.

It’s already hard enough being a woman of any color in today’s society but the internet just makes things 10 times worse! You can’t jump on Twitter or Facebook without seeing a woman being overly sexualized, criticized or harped on about her body. It seems that no woman can be the perfect size and if she is the perfect size she is usually a model/actress. You have to be skinny but can’t be too skinny then you’re considered anorexic or sick. You can be thick but not too thick because then you’re considered borderline fat or overweight. God forbid you are a plus size woman in today’s society because then you are constantly being told to lose weight or given a diagnosis by people you’ve never even met.

It has gotten to a point where reading the comments section on any social media outlet is like trying to avoid the black plague. There are just men, and women galore sharing their unneeded and bias opinions on women that they’ve never even met. It kills me that some people in the world feel the need to tear a complete stranger down for no reason.As if your 10 paragraph thesis statement underneath a Facebook picture that was liked by 1,000 people is really going to change anything for the victim. And what baffles me even more is that females tend to tear each other apart even worse than men do these days. I don’t know if its out of spite or jealousy but it’s sickening. Social media has become the breeding ground for women to get mentally and emotionally destroyed comment by comment.

Now I am definitely not a sexiest. Believe me, I know that men feel and experience the harsh realities of body shaming as well. But women are set to such higher standards and regulations, body image wise, when compared to that of a man.    .

And being a woman of color is just that much worse. Because now not only do you have to be just the perfect size, but you have to have the right hair texture, skin tone, booty, proportions, bone structure…etc. I mean I could go on for days with the body regime that a woman of color must master.

Ashley Graham 

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Ashley Graham is one of the most successful and popular plus size models in the industry right now. Her biggest goal is making sure that woman of all sizes feel empowered and strong enough to love their bodies despite the opposition from the standards of society. Recently, she was involved in a controversy about her weight.

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Graham posted the above picture to her Instagram account a few weeks ago. And she received a world of backlash from body shamers everywhere. The picture looks like Graham had lost a significant amount of weight over the past couple of months. Fans shamed her for trying to conform to the norms of society and fit into the regulations of the modeling industry by losing weight.

Yet, throughout her rise to success, she has been constantly slammed about her weight and how she is giving women the wrong idea about body image and health. She has been criticized for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy body image for young girls to look up to.

The model commented shortly after the picture controversy explaining to all that she has not lost any weight. In fact, she claims she is heavier now than she has been in about the last three years. She explained that with her 18+ years in the industry, she knows how to work her camera angles. The picture is merely an angle illusion…that’s all.

The woman just can’t win! When she does try and just be herself and love the skin she’s in, she gets torn apart for being a little bigger than what society would like her to be. But then when she looks like she’s lost weight and is being healthy, she’s a sellout.

I think at the end of the day, body shaming should be banned from any and all social media platforms. It comes down to a basic rule we were taught as children,” If you don’t have anything nice to say just don’t say anything at all!”