Social Media & Business


By: Robert Warren

The Relationship
I heart you & you heart my business.
…A relationship always has a beginning…
To start any relationship on social media you have to beginning and that starts with creation. You are a creator but in order to create you need to have a solid plan. What does that mean? Have a persona, know who you want to target your business towards (demographic) and how you are going to go about it. (set goals) Develop a content plan.
Developing a business-consumer relationship is not always an easy. There is good news for you though. Developing a social media presence is a way to strengthen and grow your relationships. It is not all in person work anymore, now it is time, the time to get social.
The Persona
Dude, this is business…
Developing a persona is not always easy so how do you go about that? Look into the demographic target audience and try to develop what you want to say about your business geared towards that audience. You want your social presence to really define who YOU are as a company and choosing an appropriate persona is very important.
The Social Platform
There are so many! How do I choose which to use? Ask your research.
So you did a bunch of research on your target demographic and now it is time to choose the platform. How do you go about it? Start like this, you want to think about which platform will engage the greatest amount of users and how it will pull them into your business specifically. How can you do that? Look into the popular sites people go on and see which of those popular sites will be most engaging to your target demographic—age is an important factor to this decision.
Say “Hi”
In order to get people to seek you out on social media you need to seek them. Engage in liking on Facebook, and Instagram, and engage in favoriting on Twitter. In order for people to start getting the realization that you are there you need to give them the realization that you are there.
The Skills
Many entrepreneurs have available content to help them develop skills they may not already have. If you are in need of some more skills, or tips, search #entrepreneur on twitter, and you will find several articles that can strengthen you as a working professional. There is much content available but it is up to you to seek it.
The Importance
Look at me! I am over here! No, look. I am over here!
Social media is a good way to organize content to develop your business; it is a great for connecting with potential customers, but if you do not use social media then your potentialities are being lessened. You have resources to help you with this now seek, learn and act!
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