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For political figures, having social media accounts can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it allows your fans and followers to get a closer look in to your life but it comes at a cost. It is extremely easy to make mistakes on social media. Social media specialist even have a few blunders every now and then. Celebrities have become the butt of jokes because of their social media mistakes and they are eventually forgiven. I believe this to be the case because celebrities are not trying to lead cities, states or nations. When you’re trying to be the leader of anything, a crucial social media mistake can be a huge setback.

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-10-54-45-amThese leaders are supposed to set the standard for these social media posts but they continue to do the opposite. Take Anthony Weiner for example, a former member of the house of representatives that ruined his career with sexting. He sent a sexually explicit photo of himself through Twitter’s direct message that leaked to the public. This is something that I would expect from a regular U.S citizen. When you are a political figure people hold you too a different standard and things like this are completely unacceptable. Weiner has continued to make these mistakes. Then there is the republican primary candidate, Donald Trump, who was not always a politician but has still not learned how to use responsible tweeting upon becoming one. Trump has tweeted some of his obscener tweets in the past but his tweets of today are not much better. His public insults are far-reaching and no one is safe from them.

I expect so much more from my politicians. To call yourself a politician, you cannot make the same mistakes that someone like me, a person with no political background can make. I would never do what Trump has done but he shouldn’t have the autonomy to make those same mistakes without repercussions. We need to demand more.

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