Technology and the Fashion Industry

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Since the big boom of Social Media many industries have benefited greatly from it, such as sports, entertainment and Food, but one industry has seen a huge boom, fashion. Just years ago if you wanted to know more about fashion and learn about designers you would have to open up a magazine, or maybe get on the internet to Google designers, but what about up & coming designers ? Where was the platform for the 20-year-old college student that recently started her own clothing line?

We can now find up and coming designers as well as fashion trends at the click of a button, something that hasn’t been done before. Websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can all be used to showcase your designs as well as showing off your looks as a stylist to a mass amount of people at once. Independent also states “In addition, social media means that we freely share our likes and dislikes, providing valuable instant feedback.” Interacting with your customers and knowing what they like or don’t like before you release can be the deciding factor on your sales as well as gaining a bigger fan base. Consumers are more likely to shop somewhere that interacts with them, as well as caters to their likes and dislikes. Adapting to the customers wants isn’t always a good situation, many designers create clothing as a form of expression or a vision they may have, if they’re only creating what people want it takes away from their vision as well as risking what Graeme Moran says “customers getting bored”.

Source: MTV

Smart Phone Applications are another big change for the Fashion Industry. Many retail stores as well as Brands have their own App where customers can buy their clothing as well as view look books for ideas. Apps like Polyvore can turn the most non-fashionable person into a fashionista by allowing users to create looks and buy the clothing from these looks.

Like all things in life there are pros and cons to Social Media’s influence in the Fashion Industry but one thing is certain, social media has had a dramatic change in the Fashion World. Whether you’re a Luxury Brand, customer, or that 20-year-old student starting you’re own brand, we can all benefit from these changes.




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