Who needs cooking classes, if we have Tasty?

By Jomaris Santana

Every time I’m scrolling my Facebook news feed, one of the first things I would see is a Tasty post. What is tasty? Tasty is a Buzzfeed created to make people’s life easily, if we’re talking about cooking and food; of course! Basically, most of their posts are videos or blogs, but commonly most of the people like to share their videos more than their blogs.  If I watch them? Of course, we’re talking about…Tasty’s videos; everyone enjoys them, makes me feel hungry, and always give me new ideas to improve my cooking.

Most of the videos are approximately two minutes long, and those are played with fun music, great image/video quality and showing delicious types of recipes. Not matter if you aren’t a kitchen lover, or if you don’t have idea how to cook, these videos will make you love your kitchen. The fun part of each video is that always looks very simple. Also, I believe they are having a great strategy to get the audience because, they show how to make a recipe in less than two minutes. At the same time, they don’t need to talk to be able to explain you how to make a recipe. You just need to watch their videos, and you will get it. If I need to describe their videos in one word, it would be simplicity. They are having a great engagement in each of their videos, and their fan page on Facebook has approximately 72 million likes. Even, if people don’t “like” their fan page on Facebook, I’m really sure they would be seeing their posts on the news feed, because of their great reach.

Are they doing a great marketing? Of course, they do. Moreover, the great part of their marketing is that they’re doing it through organic advertising. I don’t think they’re using paid advertisements to promote their page, they got all the reach and likes through an organic way. Buzzfeed created others pages related to recipes, but focusing on different cultures and countries, but Tasty still the favorite one.


Reference: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/delicious-viewings-marketing-buzzfeed-tasty-jenny-huang



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