Luxury Brands on Social Media by Kayla Charles

The talk of brands on social media often centers around everyday brands that are accessible to everyone despite income levels. Luxury brands are some of the least talked about in the social media world because of their reluctance to join the wave and the size of their target market. Target markets play a huge role in luxury brands on social media. At first glance, the brands may have thought their target customers were not part of the social media craze, but that fact changed quickly. Social media is also the perfect platform for conspicuous consumption, which is a great friend of the luxury brand industry. People love to show off and social media is the easiest way to do that. Celebrities have played a huge role in the increase of luxury brand presence on social media. To put it in perspective, Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign was mentioned over 87,000 times on social media.

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The Kardashian’s have a huge influence on the Balmain social media takeover. The “If they have it, we want it” mindset has always been a goal for celebrity endorsements, but the goal has also leaked over into celebrities’ everyday life. Thanks to social media, we’re able to see celebrities’ daily life and lust after the thousand dollar products in them. There’s some controversy surrounding luxury brands use of social media and the nature of exclusivity they must uphold. Brands may think,        “Do you want your brand to seem accessible to everyone”? That may not be the best mindset to have as a luxury brand. It’s obvious the products may not be accessible to the majority, but social media allows people to generate buzz for luxury.  A quick search on Twitter shows that at least half of the people talking about brands like Balmain are not part of their target market or potential customers. Companies may decide to “shut themselves out and depend solely on the word of mouth of their customers, but this limits them in the long run. Luxury brands are finally starting to realize that there are few industries that can survive without social media presence and the fashion industry is the furthest one from that.


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