Meme: Humor vs. Distraction



The ever-popular Instagram account “@F*ckJerry” currently has over 10.2 million followers and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Our generation’s love of memes has taken social media by storm, by allowing a man like Elliot Tebele to make his living, and a good one at that, off of posting hilarious and surprisingly relatable images. Immediately following the recent Presidential debate, Tebele posted an image of the fly that landed on Clinton’s face with “I’m voting for the fly” above the image. As of October 14, the post has accumulated over 350,000 likes and 22,000 comments. Just by those figures alone it is clear that people have developed a liking to this type of humor. It seems to me that people are drawn to comedy in times of potential peril. The prospect of saying the words “President Donald Trump” in the near future has sent a shockwave through our generation and in order to cope with this it seems that many have turned to humor. Another example stemming from that night is the man who asked a pertinent question in regards to our country’s stance on energy reform. His name is Kenneth Bone and he has conducted several interviews since, and went from having only 7 Twitter followers to over 244,000. Now one may assume that his question must’ve been a political game-changer or incited a mass outrage over the candidates’ responses, but that is not the case. He reached this overnight social media fame by just his appearance alone, describing himself as “that huggable, likeable guy in the middle of a really nasty and divisive debate”. You can find him trending on Twitter or at the butt of jokes on popular Instagram accounts like @F*ckJerry. Overall, I’ve gathered that citizens, particularly those in the younger generation, tend to satirize serious and pertinent issues. I am not taking a stance on whether or not this is a toxic behavior, but I do believe that we should place the important issues at the forefront of our minds, rather than the comedic aspects.

-Lauren Abraham

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My name is Lauren Abraham I am a senior majoring in public relations at the University of North Texas. I was born and raised in Sugar Land, Texas. My public relations skill set includes, writing, planning, organizing, researching, communicating efficiently, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and working with all the Microsoft word branches. I believe I would enjoy a career in human resources, communications or public relations. In the future I plan to apply my public relations skills to law school. The skills learned through my public relation major will be valuable in my future career as an attorney.