Social Media and the Election

This year’s Presidential Debate is one for the records book. This year is the first time a women has been a main party’s candidate. And having Donald Trump running is crazy in its self. But the use of social media has only heightened any conflicts or crazy things going on throughout the election. From news stories following everything they do to videos to out bursts that may happen and even memes or videos people make, it is all new and crazy which is fitting to this election.

Not only do all of these happen but it also helps the candidates push their points across or their points of what their running mate had to say during their debate. It helps connect the viewer closer to the candidate and hopefully closer to their vote.

The following of the debates by quotes and videos can also help people without the ability to get to tv’s to follow along and hopefully get the points the candidates are trying to get across, even if all they really do is argue with each other and basically insult each other. Social media has been a huge thing with this election with all of the allegations and leaked info and hacked accounts, it’s been a lot to keep up with. It seems things pop up daily and if you aren’t plastered in front of the tv all day long you may miss something so following the candidates and news outlets can help you keep track and stay informed.





How social media affects elections:


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