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By: Nicolas Austin


Homelessness is a big issue in some cities, in which some people on the streets have no contact with their families at all. There are some people who choose to live a life of being on the street, while there are some that are a victim of homelessness because of their financial situation. But there are some people and organizations that are taking matters into their own hands such as Miracle Messages. Miracle Messages, an online organization, uses social media in order to reach out to the families of homeless people. It was established in 2014 by Kevin Alder, and has been reuniting lost family members with their families and home.

San Francisco is considered one of the U.S. top homeless cities with a 2016 average of 6,775 people who are living on the streets. Miracle Messages steps in and allows people living on the streets to record their stories onto social media, in order to hopefully have their families recognize the person they are looking for. It allows families to become whole again by reestablishing lost relationship, and creating whole new ones. In San Francisco, Dave Adams was an example this year of how Miracle Message and social media saved his life.

Photo courtesy of: Miracle Messages

A product of the streets for 20 years, Adams explains homelessness as a concept that is all base on mentality. I agree with his point of view, and believes it’s very valid because, not all people consider a house to be their home. I believe the term home is more within the connotation of where the origin is established, while house is in the connotation of a residency. Basically you can be born and raised in Spain, but if you were to up and leave, and move to New York City, then New York City would be consider your residency because that is where your house is located at. Volunteers are slowly starting to make different such as Adams’s story in San Francisco. But there are a few cities that are still in the dark and not making any difference to improve the homelessness within the city. If we all play apart in helping people get off the street, instead of complaining when they ask for money, a lot of people would be in houses and the world would be in another step to being in a better state of mind.


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