Softbank May Be Buying Twitter

By: Meredith Erikson

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Since my trip, I am automatically inclined to read any article about Japan. I can’t help it. While being there, I had to use Softbank, a big telecommunications and Internet corporation, as my phone provider. I compared its strength to AT&T when I saw that it owned Fukuoka’s baseball team (the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks). Forbes announced recently that Softbank may buy Twitter. I found the reasons to this especially interesting. First of all, it’s important to be aware that Twitter’s stock and active users are declining. That is why Twitter is in search of a buyer. The article by Forbes claims that big corporations such as Disney, Google and Microsoft have declined to buy them. So, Softbank has a good chance of buying them considering some cultural and economic reasons.

My favorite reason is that Japan loves Twitter. The Japanese can say a lot more than 140 characters. They can use the characters of their alphabet Kanji, where one character can represent an entire word. It makes Twitter even more of a mini blog. Wanting to know why else, I found that according to GlobalMe , Japanese Twitter users increased by 33% after the 2011 earthquake. Twitter is largely utilized during times of disaster, especially when phones and other media sources aren’t providing information. Earthquakes are a common occurrence in Japan so Twitter is essential.

In addition, Softbank has apparently been making great ties with other global corporations. This gives reasons for them being able to possibly buy Twitter. I personally think this would be a good move for Softbank. They could offer means of improvement because with their home’s users being able to write more on Twitter, user behavior can be more understood which could be used to Softbank’s advantage. The partnership between Twitter and Softbank would benefit each other as well. Twitter has already found interest in Japan because of its business intelligence strategies, while Softbank finds interest in the United States so things look promising. It would be smart for Softbank to get involved in social media and I plan to follow up on what happens.

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