Social Media is over your politics, America.


By: Thalia Molina

The third and final presidential debate concluded last night and boy am I glad that’s over… To be completely honest, I didn’t even watch it. I mean why waste a perfectly good hour of my life watching two 5 year olds bicker when I could go out and have a drink instead, right? Well, I opted for the latter last night. Although I was extremely interested in the topics that were being discussed, I decided that I would just get the “low-down” via social media later because let’s get real, this election cycle has thrived off social media. Based on the tweets I’ve seen since last night, my speculations were correct. The debate was a pretty big joke thanks to one of the candidates more than the other.

Turns out I’m not the only one that is completely over this election. Social media is becoming pretty sick of this entire presidential BS as well. It’s heartbreaking to think that this isn’t just a bad dream we’ll wake up from come November 8th. The media depiction of our candidates is a sad case and it is completely going against what America should be. I am no different than most, as I find humor in the many Donald Trump memes floating around the Internet but is it okay? Hardly. It’s been speculated that this election is taking a toll on social media users causing them to be particularly stressed about America’s future.

Fact of the matter is that America is already pretty doomed at this point. Voting for a “man” with a long-standing history of sexual harassment as our republican candidate was were America lost me. Of course it’s stressful. Our candidates are bullying and attacking each other with immature banter in front of the entire country. This may have been all fun and games for the World Wide Web at some point in time, but those days are now over. This is a serious matter and the world of social is becoming sick of it.



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