Denny’s Diner has mastered social media

By Bethany LaChance

When thinking about businesses that are active on social media, lately, Denny’s Diner is the first place that comes to mind.  The diner doesn’t seem like it should have as much attention as it does, but their social media is entertaining and becoming extremely popular. The brand doesn’t stick to traditional tactics, but instead appeals to a younger audience, making their posts stand out.

A lot of companies on social media answer comments with a generic, blanket response, but Denny’s is completely different. They reply to people with mostly nonsensical answers and memes.  Because of their funny answers, the diner has accrued basically a cult following. Over 300K people follow the restaurant’s Twitter.

screen-shot-2016-10-23-at-10-48-48-pmThe Tumblr page for the diner started out as just advertisements, but caught the attention of people on the blog website. They will get sent asks thanking them (above) or asking them questions, some not even having to do with the restaurant. Their page has more weird photos and gifs, some that are obviously photos that have been edited, but some that contain original content.  When information on the iPhone7 was released, the diner released a set of gifs that parodied all of the new features, like being waterproof (below).


Whoever runs these pages is witty and definitely knows how to draw in new people.  They have funny photo edits and texts posts that are takes on popular songs or sayings that are just odd enough to make people have to stop and reread them. Websites like Buzzfeed have written several articles about the brand, citing their relevancy to what is happening in the world but also how some things don’t make any sense whatsoever.

I have spent several hours just scrolling through Denny’s Twitter page, just laughing. Here are some of my favorite posts:



Denny’s Diner is doing social media the right way. They aren’t being controversial, but they are being humorous and lighthearted.  Their jokes are funny and mostly pancake-centric, making all of their pages must-reads.

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