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By: Janece Dixon

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Recently my assigned group and I had to tackle a semester project where we shared a recent article with the class and presented our findings. I’ve learned so much about general SEO in other classes but never have we talked about targeting optimization for a specific time frame. I ran into a great, easy to read article that explained seasonal optimization and discussed three factors that determine if it’s something you, or you brand should invest in.

Image By: Janece Dixon

Seasonal optimization is targeting your long term campaign for specific time frames. These time frames may include Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or even an actual season, summer. Seasonal SEO isn’t too unfamiliar is it? Now you realize that right before these holidays you’re online typing in keywords to find the best deals (Example: Vizio 60 inch Black Friday deals). Retailers large and small, want to be at the top of search to reach those who are looking for those deals. The next big holiday is in about one month, BUT before you gather your team to work on seasonal optimization you should consider the time frame it takes to see results. Some campaigns may see results in 18 months others as little as 6 months. Here are three questions you should ask yourself before you decide to invest.

  • Is seasonal important for my business?

If you sell items that may be more popular at different patterns of the year then seasonal is a factor for you. If different seasons or holidays make no impact on your business, this may not be something you should worry about.

  • Am I facing lots of competition?

This may be a matter of key words. Example, if you’re in the business of selling women’s jeans you’re facing loads of competition. In that situation you should optimize for long tail searches. If there’s too much competition in one space consider your size and what’s actually possible for your brand.

  • Can I reuse my assets?

If seasonal targeting is something beneficial for your brand long term or year after year, your answer is yes. If this is something temporary then it may not be worth it after considering the time it takes to run a successful campaign.

Explore the shared article or check out more seasonal keyword trends. Let me know what you think about seasonal optimization and some cool trends you’ve seen from your favorite retailers. Tweet me at @janecedixon and use the hashtag #UNTJ4270!

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