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By: Rachel Pittman

Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. While using the app, I have learned several strategies that improved my Instagram. Here are some tips and tricks to take your Instagram account to the next level.

Make a custom bio for your profile- On Instagram, when you are editing your profile, it will not give you the option to hit enter/return to the next line. In order to do this, you will need to write your bio out in the notes app. Go to the notes app,and you will be able to hit return to go to the next line. After you have it typed out, press select all and copy the text and paste it in the edit profile section on Instagram. The bio should look look like this when you are done.

Save a photo you edited on Instagram- All you have to do is go on Instagram, load the photo and edit it, turn on airplane mode, and press share. The photo will fail to appear on your profile but will be saved on your camera roll.

How to create a cohesive feed- If you struggle with having a cohesive Instagram feed or want a certain look to one of your photos, all you have to do is look up Instagram feeds on Pinterest. Go to Pinterest, in the search bar, type in Instagram feed or Instagram themes. The results will give you a list of different VSCO Cam filters and how to get the look. For example, if you are wanting your photo to be bright and colorful, it will tell you what filter to use, the level of brightness, saturation, highlights, exposure, etc. to add to your photo to achieve that aesthetic.

Reorder the filters in the Instagram app- There is a way to organize the filters you use the most by adding them to the front of the list and hiding the ones you don’t use as much to the back of the list. According to, “to reorder or hide filters, upload a photo and begin editing it, as you would when editing a new post. When you get to the filters page, scroll to the very far right of your filters options and click “manage”. To rearrange the filters, “hold your finger down on the three gray lines and drag it to reorder”.

How to hide your hashtags-Want to add several hashtags but don’t want people to notice? Instead of posting your hashtags with the caption, post them in the comment section. Go to the notes app and “add five dots with each dot on a separate line.” Below the five dots, add your hashtags. Once you are done adding your hashtags, select all of the text, copy it, and paste it in the comment section of your photo. Whenever someone is scrolling through their feed, they will not see your hashtags.


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