by Jennifer Cazares


Fans were outraged and took action when they discovered that the Mulan reboot was not meeting protocol when it comes to representing the story line and culture.

It all started when the draft of the screenplay was leaked. An anonymous post from the Angry Asian Man showed his insight on how enraged they were when unraveling the anticipated story line for the upcoming film.


The 2018 plot in their own words: “A white merchant’s business brings him to the heart of a legendary Asian conflict — he unwittingly helps save the day while winning the heart of the Asian female.”

Need a gentle reminder of what the 1998 plot was about?

An old Chinese folktale about the story of a young Chinese maiden who finds out that her weak father is to be called up to fight the Huns. She goes to war in her father’s place disguising herself as a man and not only bringing honor to her family but, saving China.

Not only was the plot twisted to make Mulan a secondary character in her own movie, the script called for a predominantly white cast.

The anonymous blogger then created the hashtag “MakeMulanRight” on twitter and the tweet circled around the platform to cast out their complaints in hopes of Disney making these changes.

The fans voiced their opinions about the misrepresentation of Asian culture and how the story plot revolved around Mulan’s love interest instead of her being a heroine to her people. Some also argued that they need a new set of Asian writers to execute the tale properly.

A concerned fan, Natalie Molnar, created a petition on Care2 to not “whitewash” the film and it received over 90,000 signatures.

Disney met the demands of the fans that were disappointed over the dilemma and have hired a new set of writers to make the movie the way that it was meant to be portrayed.

The live-action movie is announced to be released in theaters in 2018. Let’s hope that the film will meet the expectations from kid inside of all of us as well as bringing honor to the culture.




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