Social Media Following Over Experience?

Written By Maria Martinez

With social media platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram it is becoming easier and easier to communicate with the world instantly. People are making names for themselves, becoming influential figures and gaining significant numbers in following.

Some of these public figures like Kendall Jenner and Brooklyn Beckham have been shamed for using their family members fame to receive contract offers. Kendall Jenner is constantly being judged as a model accusing her of being inexperienced and undeserving of her modeling contracts. But has it occurred to people that maybe that’s exactly why she is being hired? Companies are strategically looking to hire people with a large following to associate themselves with their hires existing followers.


Photo Credit: Brooklyn Beckham Instagram

Brooklyn Beckham was hired by Burberry as a 16 year old photographer at the time he had 5.9 million Instagram followers something the brand liked. This teen may not be as experienced as their typical photographers but his style of photography has created him a noteworthy following leading us to believe his photos appeal to the audience.

Another influential person is the YouTube sensation Bethany Mota who signed a contract with Aeropostal, a clothing store targeting young teenage girls, the same audience Bethany is a role model for. This 21-year old girl may not have the experience to design a clothing line but with help of the brand that wasn’t necessary when she could draw a much needed audience.

Bethany’s situation proves the need for followers even over experience in certain situations although do situations like Kendall Jenner and Brooklyn Beckham who have famous families create controversy? Brands need to be aware of their actions to ensure they do not insult other professionals like the typical photographers Burberry hires. Being aware is necessary so others are not offended.

Kendall Jenner was recently featured in video for Vogue Spain dancing around impersonating a ballerina. This video automatically received negative feedback offending many dancers. The negative feedback is an example of knowing when you must hire one with experience in what they are doing. This video Vogue Spain released would have been accepted if a professional dancer had been featured.

Numbers in following is an important consideration when hiring someone as a promotional tactic but it needs to be done with caution when they may be inexperienced.

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