Social Media Ruining Politics?

By Tyler Plato

No matter what anyone says, the news and social media have a big impact on how you see the candidates during this election. The news agencies can say that they are being unbiased but we all know that the results of a poll will lean to one side or the other depending on where it is taken. Now without the news and social media, we wouldn’t be able to know what has happened and who said what. Today’s generation gets most, if not all, of their news on their smartphones.

Social media is the best place to get up to date news but it is not the best place to get information that isn’t biased. Such as the whole Hillary Clinton email scandal or the Donald Trump sexual assault allegations. If you live down south, there are going to be more people that say Hillary should be put in jail because of the whole email scandal and if you live up north or in a liberal/democratic area, there will be people that say the sexual assault allegations are more important. Both are god awful and I hate that these are the best two people we, the American people, could come up with to run our country.

But back to social media ruining politics. There are so many ways that they candidates or people in the political world can talk to us. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and probably more and they can use these sites to their advantage. Because there are so many outlets in the world for people to communicate on, the politicians or Presidential

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candidates can post their messages in a way that appeals to certain audiences in certain areas but can post other messages to target other groups in other areas. Yes, they were doing this before but not on such as big of a scale as they are now.

Social media is great for getting in touch with long lost friends and keeping up with what everybody is doing. It can be used for good in politics and can be very helpful at times but I believe that it is also making things worse. There are certain things that the candidates have done and politicians have done that were bad but because of social media, it became 10x worse.


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