The Beauty of Live Tweeting

By Terrance Sowells Kemp

AMC The Walking Dead Promo




As everyone may know, the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead comes on tonight. Like many other shows a hashtag was created for people on twitter to use during the show to tweet there reactions and comments in order to be included in a larger conversation. Tonight it will finally be revealed who will meet their end from a blow of Negan’s bat. Before the show even started people were throwing in their two cents on who they thought would be leaving the show for good tonight. Thousands of people were able to interact with people they have never met before in order to discuss a show they were excited for.

That’s what is so great about twitter hashtags and live tweeting. It brings people all over the world together. Someone could be curled up on their couch, phone in hand and tv on full blast watching a television show, but they are still able to interact and have conversations about the same topic with people thousands of miles away.

Popular shows such as The Walking Dead, How To Get Away With Murder and Game Of Thrones usually provide hashtags during the airing of their shows in order for their viewers to connect with each other. Twitter even plays along by providing emojis that automatically appear next to the hashtags when they are used. For How To Get Away With Murder you can expect to see a little chalkboard with the shows initials written on it. The Game Of Thrones hashtag comes with your very own mini iron throne. In celebration of the season premiere, The Walking Dead hashtag will have a wooden baseball bat.

Live tweeting provides an extra element to watching tv. It allows people to interact with people all over the world. It lets people share their excitement, fan theories, and their love for the show and it’s characters. It also provides some hilarious memes and jokes to use for weeks to come.



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