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(By Mengren Hu)

We know that more and more apps are imitating other apps’ famous features, and it is not news for current social media situation. Snapchat’s story feature is one of the apps that many other apps are copying it.

Facebook is trying to start its “new” feature which has high similarity as Snapchat, and the feature is called “Messenger Day” (Hutchinson, 2016 & Lomas, 2016). The Messenger Day allowed users to send illustrated, filter-enhanced pictures and videos to their friends who are in Facebook Messenger, and all files will be deleted or disappear in 24 hours (Lomas, 2016). According to the description of the Messenger Day, it is clear that Facebook clones the Snapchat’s feature.


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Let’s take look at the Messenger Day. When users open Facebook Messenger, it is clear that it has a different home screen, and users will find out there the black head on the home screen (image 2). Also, the following image shows that Facebook replaces the “Me” tab to the new photo and video (image 2). Then users can swipe down, the app will lead them to another screen, which will be like image 3. Just like Snapchat, users can edit their photos or videos here and add filters, texts, and stickers (image 4).

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Once users finished, they can upload to Messenger Day story and all friends can see it, and it will disappear in 24 hours, and the Messenger will remind users who have viewed the pictures or videos.

However, Kevin Systrom (Instagram chief) does not think that Facebook clones Snapchat, and he thinks what Facebook is doing now is perfecting its “social storytelling” function (Hutchinson, 2016). What Kevin Systrom said seems like he tried to explain the reasons why Instagram launched similar function.

The new feature has been tested in Portland this month and a part of Australia, but we still not sure that if Facebook wants to promote the Messenger Day to all users or not (Hutchinson 2016 & Lomas, 2016). According to the current market situation, Facebook will put its attention to English speaking country most.





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