Twitter to the Rescue

By: Meredith Redfern

Social Media is a wonderful thing. In a matter of seconds, everyone in the world could know what you’re thinking or how you’re feelings. Now does everyone in the world know what you’re thinking, feeling or doing? No, but they could if they follow your feed.

Social Media is also incredible in times of trouble. Using Twitter especially, hashtags can help write stories for reporters, acknowledge events currently taking place, raise awareness and much more. Surprisingly, social media can save lives.

In 2015, one fraternity member went missing after a semi-formal and his friends frantically took to Twitter to find him. They were able to use Find My IPhone for so long until the phone died, and after that it was all up to the power of social media. Through countless posts by friends and family, one person used social media to respond and say they had seen the missing college student. Had it not been for social media, the student could have been missing for much longer or worse.

Recently, social media was used to be able to rescue a navy veteran and his dogs from the Hurricane Matthew floods.

The veteran’s brother, who lived in Texas, sent a picture of a flooded neighborhood to his brother, saying “aren’t you glad that isn’t your house.” A drone took the picture, and the veteran responded by saying that it was his house and he was trapped with his dog.

After the man learned that the floods trapped his brother, he reached out to the person who took the picture on Twitter. The person responded and was able to fly the drone back over to the neighborhood, which flagged down a FEMA group who rescued the veteran and his dog.

Often social media is used for daily excitements, frustrations and wanting to share with friends what is happening in our daily life. Social media has become such a powerful force that it’s saving lives. Yes, social media can cause problems for people, but at the end of the day, it can also save lives.


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