What social media managers can learn from FC Dallas’ social media

By: Diego Loredo

Managing a social media account can be pretty intimidating, especially when you’re managing the best team in the MLS. Luckily for FC Dallas, whoever manages the social media for them is doing a really good job. They implement many strategies such as using Snapchat to get their fans to meet them, using infographics before games, etc. Here’s a few things social media managers can learn from FC Dallas.

FC Dallas use Snapchat to give out free tickets.

The first example is used from FC Dallas’ Snapchat. The MLS team uses Snapchat to get fans to go to certain places in order to win free tickets and other prizes. FC Dallas does this before every home game and is a great way to get fans to meet people who work with the team. Social media managers can use this tactic to get followers to spread awareness about them and keep them happy by giving them prizes.

FC Dallas often reaches out to its Latino audience.

Another example is when FC Dallas reaches out to a certain demographic. FC Dallas has a huge Latino fan base and they reach out to them by posting videos with a Spanish commentator. They FC Dallas frequently reach out to this demographic by sometimes speaking Spanish, having their Spanish-speaking fans meet with the fans, etc. FC Dallas has many players who are Latino and it’s important to reach out to different kinds of audiences.

FC Dallas has a sponsorship with several companies such as Papa John’s. 

Finally, having a sponsorship can really help get your social media account and your company’s or organization’s name out there. FC Dallas does this by having a sponsorship with Papa’s John’s. Everytime they score two or more goals in a game, Papa John’s offers half price pizza by using the promo code “FC Dallas.” This is beneficial for both sides and can get your name out there.

FC Dallas is an example of a sports team that uses social media right. Managing a social media account for a big organization can be difficult but if you do the right things, it can help your organization grow.


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