You Don’t Have To Be In The Electoral College For Your Vote To Count Now

One of the new trends on twitter that I’ve seen has been the memes about the electoral maps of the United States. They’re pretty hilarious actually and are an obvious satirical take on if certain groups of people or classifications counted as the electoral college for the presidential election.

Originally, it started with a guy named Nate Silver that posted an electoral map showing if only Women voted. It had Hillary Clinton winning unanimously with 458 electoral votes versus Donald Trump’s 80 electoral votes. (below)

Map showing if only women were to vote

Silver then posted another electoral map visualizing what it would be like if only Men voted. The map claimed that Donald Trump would win with 350 electoral votes versus Hillary Clinton’s 188 electoral votes. (below)

Male-only votes = apparent Trump win?

These theoretical maps true or not, stirred up a lot of emotions. Then came people’s responses – some serious, but most of them were just trolling or responding to what they thought was ridiculous or fake with the same – only this time, elevated.

For example, really the most important vote of all:


Those who are Rick Astley fans:


If Smokey the Bear could vote:


For chocaholics all over the country:


And, then of course those who just want everyone to be happy:


There’s hundreds of tweets like these out there right now, and I’m sure as we get even closer to election day the memes will continue and live on beyond this crazy election. It goes to show how much of a joke this election really has been from the get go, and many of us are still trying to lighten the mood in some ways to soften the blow perhaps? Either way, thanks to twitter, we can all have a laugh and try to find some laughter and solace amongst the chaos this election has brought.


By: Sofie Milton



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