YouTubers: Our New Celebs

by: Paula Colli

In the past years YouTubers, have garnered a lot of attention and have created a large fan base. Their channels have influenced the way their followers talk, the way they look, how they dress, the products they buy and have established themselves as our trustworthy friends.

When we look into our screens, whether we are looking at them through our phones or laptops, we feel as if we are having a one-sided conversation with a close friend. We rely and trust their opinions.

The well-known beauty gurus have collaborated with large brands such as Becca, Tarte Cosmetics, MAC, and TooFaced among others, amounting in millions of sales.

They just don’t have millions of followers on YouTube, but on other social media apps as well, like Instagram and Snapchat.

YouTuber and Vlogger Desi Perkins has established herself as a down-to-earth, trustworthy friend, who flawlessly teaches you how to apply your layers of makeup. She has recently collaborated with Quay Australia, a brand of sunglasses and her collaboration designs have been the fastest selling. She along with brilliant makeup artist Lustrelux, Kathy, have traveled to many cities, in their #squadtour, in the United States to meet many of their fans. Their #snapfam could see all their adventures.

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Creative makeup artist, Chrisspy has surprised many with her transformation into Star Wars character Yoda. She will soon have a makeup line collaboration with MAC.

One of the most well-known makeup influencers is Jaclyn Hill, created the fastest selling highlighter, and no that is not what you think it is, it goes on your face, in collaboration with Becca named Champagne Pop.


These people have the power to influence the mass number of followers, they set trends and we invite them to be part of our homes. We see them as celebrities because that’s what they’ve become, but because of their many social media accounts we also get to see the more human side of them, the unglamorous sides where we relate to them.

YouTubers have become a part of our family.

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