LGBT in the Media

Queen-Alexis Abamu

For the people that are alive and unaware to the gay community, “LGBT” stands for Lesbian, Gay,  Bisexual, Transgender. Welcome to this blog and welcome to 2016!


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Over the past weekend I was at the mall and a couple of girls came up to me and asked me a few general questions about the LGBT community and their rights. (the questions were asked for an assignment). One of the questions asked was, “do you think LGBT get enough social media attention”. I answered, “No”, after the conversation it made me think more about the topic. Why aren’t LGBT in the media a lot? I really believe it is because people are scared of the topic.

The more LBGT people, people see is the better one can understand exactly who they are, which is nothing less than human. LBGT being in the media more often will open the door for them and provide the understanding that people need. With this also comes negative backlash as well because a lot of people well not be as understanding and open minded. Just like anything else any other human does, it will not always be pleasing or “acceptable” to other people.

Even though we are in an era were anything can happen tomorrow, people are still scared to be open with gay people. Some good is that over the last two years we have experience one of the  greatest male athlete becoming transgender and transforming from a male to a female. A TV show by the name of “Orange is the New Black” dedicated to majority lesbian women, including some transgender. This year alone a gay male has become the new face of Cover Girl. Most importantly of all SAME SEX MARRIGAE is now legal in some states which is a big step but even some people still can not accept it.

At the end of the day LBGT are human so questions like, ” should gay people be allowed to work in the same establishment as straight?”  That puzzles me because don’t all humans need money? Once more LBGT get more involved in the media the more open people can possibly become to accept them. If I could brutally blunt I would say, “GET OVER IT! IT IS 2016, LOVE YOURSELF, LOVE OTHERS”.



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