One Big Happy Family in Social Media and PR

By: Nicolas Austin


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Social media is like the long lost brother to PR, in which some people are not aware that they go hand in hand with each other. Ok let’s make this easier by defining what social media is. Social media is a website that is ran and based off communication between various types of people. It allows people to establish connections that are social and professional. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just a few examples of social media that connects multiple people to one another across the world. PR, also known as public relations, is a relationship between the public and business that is created through strategies and tactics. PR is conducted through communication that revolves around strategies that gets organizations engaged with their audiences.

Basically social media and PR are the exact same thing when you think of it. They both need two different parties/groups in order to be done. The only slight difference is the fact that social media doesn’t neccesary need a target audience unlike PR. PR agencies like Idea Grove focuses on the market and clients dealing with technology, while other PR agencies like SPM focuses on the food industry. When I mentioned that social media doesn’t necessary need an audience, I am talking about the social aspect of social media, in which you can have an account in order to keep up with colleagues, friends, and families. But the professional side of social media can be very influential when combine with PR. Businesses can learn a lot and improve their companies with the help of social media.

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The combination of PR and social media begins with a story or an idea. What does the organization want to promote? Who does the organization want to target? PR and social media has different elements that can bring the same result to the company. In social media an organization can use tactics such as blogs, while PR can use a PR release to get the same message across the organization. Another example of tactics for an organization are a poll from a social media perspective, and a feature story from a PR perspective.

Every company needs to know that every social media network is not applicable for promoting the company. Some organizations need to find a social media network that fits how their organizations goals will be accomplish. Take for example the PR firm called Culture-Hype. It’s a marketing firm that focuses on the hype of the culture within the Dallas-Fort Worth complex. A good social media network for the firm would be Instagram because of the fact that their photos focuses a lot on fashion trends and even in Texas.

PR and social media can work separately, but it’s more efficient for organizations to combine them together because of the plethora of connections and outreach that can come from it. It can help the organization brand itself and become more marketable.


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