Osmo Pizza Co.

In this current generation of young teens and children, they are surrounded by technology; especially technology that is always evolving into something bigger and better. Children are starting to create their little own businesses whether that be lemonade stands, painting or even baking. Children are continuously thinking of new ideas of how they can earn money and have fun. Osmo Pizza Co. is an app that can teach kids how to run a small business, like a pizza shop. This app was created in an educational but still fun mindset, and can be used for just iOs software.pizza-co-app-and-hands-on-game

Osmo Pizza Co. runs as if the child is a owner of a pizza shop. Including online and physical components, this allows kids to be invested in technology but also getting to use hands on experience for them to learn. The child will use the online and physical components of this app to create pizzas and manage their money for the “pizza shop”, as if it was real life. As their pizza shop gets bigger and mores successful, kids can upgrade different parts of the game that will make it a more customizable experience for them and for the online “pizza shop”.

What do kids gain from this app? Osmo Pizza Co., will  teach kids how to do basic html code, gain relational skills, spelling, problem solving, creativity and finally finance. At a young age of 5-12 years old, learning basic code and finance might seem outrageous but to think the skills that kids who  play Osmo Pizza Co will gain from the experience of running a small pizza shop will get, will benefit them in their future education.. Although Osmo Pizza Co. does cost money for the physical and online parts ($59), it is worth the amount of experience that kids will get out of it.  Compared to a lemonade stand on the corner, Osmo Pizza Co will allow kids to understand what running a business is like through something they love to eat.. Pizza!

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