Texas is now a swing state

By Lauren Vincent



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As if the 2016 presidential election wasn’t already crazy enough, now the traditionally conservative southern state has the possibility of rooting for the liberal party.  Texas has been known for being a Republican state. In fact, Texas has not voted for the Democratic party since 1980. With the state being second in power with 38 electoral vote next to California who has 55, it’s safe to say we have a large impact on who wins the election. To elaborate on how much Texas effects the election, think about how Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Utah all together equal 38 electoral votes.

Now that the polls are showing Texas to be a swing state this could change everything. If the state swings towards the democratic party this will be the first time the Millennial generation will see our state vote differently. Millennials in the south have been trying to make a difference in the rooted believes of the conservative state and now their hard work might be paying off.

In the past, events such voter ID laws that actually violated Voting Rights Act, and constant gerrymandering throughout the years has kept Texas a red state. But this year, there are new rules forcing the state to draw district lines based on population and allow every person to vote.

Now that early voting has stated in the lone star state, people are going out and exercising their right. In fact, the turn out from early voting has broken records in our state. In the past, second day of early voting has had consistent numbers with the first day; but this year second day early voting skyrocketed.

So the big question is, will Texas turn blue?  I guess we won’t exactly know until November 8th But as of now it is a big possibility.


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