Social Media:Clinton and Trump’s Ultimate Stomping Ground

With the political race drawing to a close, it is always nice to take a step back and evaluate just how bad this whole campaign season has truly been. The internet is a great tool to help us do just that.

Social media platforms have been the catalyst for feuds, ignorance and the ending of friendships throughout the last year. People that you though you knew like the back of your hand quickly became the vain of your existence and people that you suspected were outright ignorant and stupid showed their true colors.

The internet has thrived off of often funny yet sometimes vicious memes throughout this campaign. Comment sections on Facebook have turned into downright blood baths. And candidate support/parody  pages have run ablaze.



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Their Families Feel the Wrath Too 

Not only has this been an internet frenzy for the candidates, but their families have been put into the action as well. Bill Clinton’s notorious affair with former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky, has been the topic for several Hilary Clinton haters comments/memes. Donald Trump’s unique, and frankly disturbing, relationship with his family, especially his daughter, has been harped on as well.

But we cannot forget the infamous speech that Melania Trump gave that resembled, almost word for word, a speech given by the current first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. The internet had a field day with that one!


People were bashing and dragging Mrs. Trump throughout social media platforms for days for that stunt.


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How Social Media Shaped This Election

All jokes aside, with the use of social media during this election process people would not have been able to gain the proper knowledge and social views that surrounded the candidates campaigns. People were able to learn new things and garner different ideas about the candidates through interacting and talking with one another on social media sites.

Now granted all of the information and comments that were shared may not have been unbiased or even true, but at the end of the day it got people talking about real issues and real life that we are all facing.

So regardless of you you support and who you plan to vote for, we can all agree that social media has been the best part of this entire election year. And that my friends is truly sad!