What Would We Do Without It?

By Lisa Jany-Escalera // @lisaveronikaj
YouTube Logo, Source: Google Play

“Just YouTube it,” a phrase I hear (and even say) way too often, which made me think, how in the world did I actually survive the pre-YouTube-era? I mean I obviously did, but let’s take a minute to go through its journey…

A little about the site

YouTube is a video hosting service founded Valentine’s Day of 2005.  The San Bruno based company, was founded by three ex PayPal employees that year, and sold to Google for an estimated $1.65 billion only a year after its birth. Wowzers. Most of its content has been contributed by individuals, but in the recent years, companies have also partnered with YouTube to expand their presence on the web.

Cool Stats

There are tons of mind-blowing facts about this site, but let’s cover the good ones. As of September of this year, 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube, with an average of 300 hours of video clips uploaded every single minute. About 5 billion different videos are viewed on the site daily! Again, very mind-blowing. Unsurprisingly, Google makes six percent of its total yearly profits solely on this website.

YouTube as a money maker

We all know Google profits off this site, but did you know content contributors do as well? 50 percent of YouTube partners earn over six figures yearly.  Since it is the number one music search engine, many artists have built their platform through YouTube.

The video sharing website turns nine in just a few months, but why is it so important? I thought a little about it.. and sure there are other video sharing sites but not one that compared to this particular one, the one that offers the complete package. From music, to tutorials (for anything you could possibly think of), to full episodes of various shows, now movies, to comedy, to virtually anything you need as far as videos go, you can find it on YouTube.


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