2016 Presidential Election

By: Emily Pribanic

Also known as Shit Show 2016. For the first time EVER, the two major party candidates running are disliked by MOST Americans. I, personally, don’t care for either but, like most Americans, I feel forced to vote for the “less” shitty candidate, if there even is one. The Republican Party doesn’t even like their party candidate and who can blame them. Donald Trump shouts out his first thought and has no filter. Within the past month numerous women have spoken out against not only his sexism and womanizing, but also his bigotry. Hillary, though, isn’t much better. She has constantly lied, not very well I might add, and possibly put our nation in danger with her lies. How could the American public trust either of these turd muffins?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aren’t the only two candidates running in this election. The third parties have come out swinging in this election and many people are debating weather to vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein. While these third party candidates are well educated and make great points about the state of America, neither are quite Presidential material, just like the Republican candidate.

Out of the four major party candidates running, only one seems to have the knowledge and experience to be our net president. While many people dislike Hillary Clinton, including myself, many will still vote for her because she is the best fit for the job. According to any polls, Hillary is in the lead to win. Many other polls, though, say Donald Trump will win, including an economic professor who has predicted the presidential winner for over 30 years.

How ever you feel about this deplorable debate the saying is true, you can’t complain unless you vote. Many people throughout history have been jailed, beaten, shamed and even murdered protesting the right to vote for EVERYONE, NOT just land owning white men. Early voting is being held at the GATEWAY CENTER on the UNT campus through November 4th. They will be open from 7am to 7pm, just bring a government ID. Who ever you vote for, whatever your views, let your voice be heard!




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