It’s been real, it’s been fun…

The social media world says its farewells to Vine.

By: Will Jenkins



Three days ago, Twitter announced the shutting down of the once incredibly popular, but lately not as popular social media app, Vine. Vine was sold to twitter and its owners for $30 million in October of 2012. Since then, the app really hasn’t been all that it was before the sale. Vine exploded onto the scene when it first launched, with people creating vines multiple times a day and racking up thousands of loops and views. There was even the creation of a new career, the “Viner.” With the most famous of these being Kingbach, Hannah Stocking, Logan Paul, Shawn Mendes, and many others. Now that the app is shutting down, many are curious as to what these stars are gonna do. However, many of these viners recognized the decline of the app long before Twitter announced it’s termination. A lot of these stars adapted their creative talents and moved to other social media platforms like Youtube, Snapchat, and Instagram. This allowed these stars to have a smooth transition to other platforms and build up their following on those.

Vines founder, Rus Yusupov, has since came out and expressed his regret with selling the company to twitter back in 2012. He took to, well, twitter, and simply said “Don’t sell your company!” Yusupov did stay on the Vine staff until 2015, but had since left. Many are wondering if he hadn’t of sold out to Twitter, if Vine would still be around today. But unfortunately, this is just speculation and we’ll never know.

Many are wondering whats next for the social media world and what the shutting down of Vine means for other similar apps. I look to Snapchat and Instagram to pick up the users that Vine severed ties with when it was announced that it was shutting down. Both of these apps are mainly picture and video based, and Instagram has a similar video feature where you can upload edited videos that can be as long as you want. Snapchat is also similar, where the amount of time you have to take a video is 10 seconds. The reason vine was so popular was because the videos were only 6 seconds long, so you could spend a ton of time on the app looking and more and more new content. Snapchat and Instagram are similar to this. I think this is a big opportunity for these apps and I look to them to soar in popularity, even though they are already incredibly popular as is.

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