A seat in the Twitter Living Room

Bria Graves

Since the growing popularity of Twitter entertainment has seen a big change and my favorite is the engagement between Twitter users during different tv events. Fortune reported that according to Twitter, there were more than a billion TV-related tweets last year in the United States, and close to 90% of those came from mobile devices. Myself along with other twitter users can’t wait for the moment when they can log on Twitter during award shows and talk about what’s going on as well as post memes.Hashtags like #TGIT (Thank God it’s Thursday) are used to generate more viewers as well as getting people to talk about these shows and it does work. According to Fortune Twitter’s playbook also says that when TV shows incorporate a hashtag in some way (either by including it in an on-screen prompt, or by having someone refer to it), that increases the volume of tweets about that show by 20%. These among other things really helps shows out and it creates a “Twitter Family” among the viewers of these tv shows which makes watching them 1000 times better

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

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