An End to Vine’s Six-Seconds of Fame

By: Busayo Akindona | @Frankie_SaysHi

On Thursday, October 27th, Twitter announced the end to once popular app, Vine. The app allowed users to post six-second videos. The creation of Vine gave fame to one of my favorite online comedians, King Bach and so many others. The app was cut after Twitter announced they will be downsizing their global workforce, by nine-percent. The company has suffered some heavy financial losses in recent months.

I do have to say that the discontinuation of Vine, doesn’t take me by surprise. Vine was, at its conception, revolutionary. After some time, other social media platforms began to integrate the idea of six-second clips into their existing features. A prime example is Instagram. Once Instagram began their six-second video feature, I knew Vine wouldn’t last long. Then Instagram increased the video time and soon after it seemed that all the famous Viners where moving unto Instagram. The success and popularity of Vine paved the way for vine-logoapplications like Periscope.

Also in the spirit of honesty, I think Vine died long before Twitter decided to discontinue their 30 million dollar purchase. I used to be a huge follower of Vine, like I said, I love King Bach. Once he made the switch over to Facebook and Instagram, there was no reason for me to stay on Vine. He wasn’t posting new videos on the platform. I wonder if he was paid by Twitter, like YouTube pays their vloggers. The only time I would see Vine videos were the old ones that people would compile into videos on YouTube. Vine had a great run while it lasted but now it is time for it to goes into the great beyond and join MySpace. I’m only joking, MySpace has actually done a good job re-branding itself and has become a great online community for artists. Who knows, maybe Twitter can find a way to re-brand the app and it can be resurrected in the future.

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