Careers in Social Media


By: Paige Sander

There is such a wide variety of career paths in social media and different things might come to mind when one first hears about a job centered around these media outlets. With my formal education, the first thoughts are social media manager, analyst or content creator. But others have mastered the power of applications like Instagram and Twitter to gain followers to the point that they actually attract brands for real-life marketing.

In a recent 60 Minutes interview with Bill Whittaker, Kim Kardashian opened up about her lifestyle and how she utilized social media to cultivate popularity and success. This to me, is the definition of strategic social media. She literally accredited her success to social media and explained it simply that she ‘monetized living’. After things like zero privacy and a dangerous robbery, from the outside, this type of living does not seem ideal. However, this side of social media is something that I think takes away from digital communication’s substance.

Like our recent strategic social media lecture, Stephanie Totty, this type of professional B2B content creation and amplification is, in my opinion, more specifically involved in public relations. Another interesting thing that she had experience in though was blogging, which technically is the same thing as mentioned before. People are getting paid to simply present their lifestyle or certain aspects of it, like how they raise their kids or where they eat out.

The vast possibilities in the world of social media is what makes it so interesting. Especially the way different businesses implement unique communication practices into their media presence. For example, Whataburger works to maintain a positive and humorous image on social media. In the summer of 2015, two disgruntled customers actually stole an iced tea urn from a Whataburger location and then proceeded to tweet about the incident. Whataburger responded in a way that wasn’t traditional for a situation like this and although they may have handled it differently in private, publicly they turned it into a trending joke.

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Social media is all about creativity, wit, research and so much more. It can be daunting to construct a message that would hopefully reach so many people, but with the right communication and channel, it can be effective.

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