Conveniently Connected

Written by Jasmine Echols

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“You don’t have to be there to be connected, just get online.”

Social media is growing in vast ways! From news stories, to politics, to fashion trends and more! Social media has become like it’s own world, run by the Internet. Life on planet earth is busy; school, family, friends, work and binge watching, but life on planet Social Media may be even busier.

With life’s busyness, how do we stay in touch? Simple, we get online. On planet Social Media, distance doesn’t mean a thing because no matter how far away I may be from my family and friends, I can connect with them with the click of a button. Often times, we’re quick to share the highlights of our days/lives on our social media accounts.

Through Facebook I found out that Michelle was accepted into NYU while Daniel just got a new car. With life so public, I can always be ‘in the know’ where those closest to me in heart and furthest from me in distance are concerned. Sure, it may be easier to call or text one another, but social media has somehow consumed our lives so much so that we sometimes forget about doing either. But through the use of social media, we are able to stay fully connected into everyone’s life.

In fact, according to this article, one of the primary reasons that people use social media is to stay in touch with what their friends are doing. Social media brings with it the freedom to share just about anything you want. Our friends are sharing pictures and statuses of what’s going on in their lives while we’re doing the same. Often times our posts lead to conversations and before you know it, we’re all caught up on each other’s lives—for the most part.

All that to say that social media has become our convenient way to stay connected with those we love. Of course we use social media for other reasons too, like live tweeting during our favorite shows or sharing articles and clips about the debates that have been almost too bad to be true. Although social media can never and shouldn’t ever take the place of face-to-face communication, it’s helped us to stay connected to others in ways that were not possible many years ago. And given the state of our busy lives, connection through social media is better than no connection at all.


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