Death of Vine

Written by: Hailey Turner

Vines sliding numbers has lead to the official announcement that the app is dead. The app will be closed by Twitter in the near future.

Vine has been around for about four years now, as a place for creatives to produce six second videos in the most innovative way possible. The app has been struggling to compete with apps such as Instagram and Snapchat which both not only offer video features but many more that Vine simply cannot. Although Vine does not have an official end day the owners have stated it will be ending in the up coming months but will notify all users of any changes and the ability to download their vines when the time does come.

Vine had become a place to create stars, from singers to crazy cat videos but they could never find a way to keep them.”… some who built their fan base on Vine had already moved on to other platforms including Snapchat and YouTube”, not being able to keep these stars has shown bad signs for the app.

“But while looping videos and social features are easily replicated, Vine offered one thing that’s harder to replace: a community340d731cdb852986ac5b8760591df532

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This community is what keep Vine alive for as long as it did. It was a place to share ideas and almost seen as a place to make friends. Many felt Vine began to loose this authentic when sponsored posts and advertisements became prevalent. These posts were great for popular Viners but made content seem fake and forced. This fake content spread like wildfire and created an environment that was hard to return from.

As a whole, Vine had a good run. It created many stars who have know transferred their fan bases to other apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube. The Vine stars although will miss the app can now have more creative freedom with more than just six seconds.

RIP Vine.

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