Everyone’s Filtered… thanks to Snapchat! by: Alicia Crumpton


Have you seen the updated Snapchat  filters? They have everyone talking and involved! 1st of all the selfie filters- most of them are pretty cool, but they tend to glitch a whole hell of a lot. But they now have “geofilters”-filters that share the users location. Snapchat now supports local and national holidays with their filter uses. This has made Snapchat one of the hottest social media commodities! Celebrities have even gotten into the swing of things!



Not only are more adults and cities are getting involved and using filters, but the trend has even expanded to colleges and even high schools! The company is actually genius for this new expansion actually, the new update is attracting more students and users. When colleges caught wind of students excessive use of Snapchat and it’s new filters, they saw this as an opportunity foi recruitment! Universities are using geofilters and some of them are even paying for event specific filters to appeal to students- I say they’re succeeding!


The city of Denton has about 3-4 city location filters in itself, but TWU as well as UNT have a good number of filters too! The new filters at UNT sure seem to reel me in, tempting me to snap just to be able to use them. Snapchat is not only benefiting from the filters, but their update is helping schools to promote events ultimately gaining interest of high school users. People aren’t limiting Snapchat, no- snap videos and pics are being reposted and share on other social media sites as well! I must admit the distracting selfie filters have goefilters beat right now, but with new updates and advancements to Snapchat things might change! If Snapchat keeps up the good work, they may take over social media entertainment on a global scale! I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with for Gradation season!

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