Facebook Live: A TV Camera in Your Hands

By Jomaris Santana

Let’s start talking about the amazing Facebook Live that everybody is using. For those, who don’t know what I’m talking about, check your Facebook’s notifications because I’m really sure you got one of those notifications. Last year, Facebook introduced a live feature just for public figures; providing them the opportunity to have “directly” and live contact with the audience. Every celebrity had the access to this feature, and the audience had the opportunity to ask them live questions etc. However, this year Facebook provided this type of feature to all the users. So, now your friends and you can have live interaction with the audience, and you don’t need to be famous for that.  Yes, it’s like live broadcast.

It’s sad to say, but this Facebook feature killed Periscope, because basically you can do the same things through it, and is even better. When you’re broadcasting your Facebook Live Videos, you can see who is watching you, also allows the audience to asking you questions and to make reactions (emoji) during your live transmission. Another great advantage of this feature is that you could spend hours on your live videos. Also, every time you’re broadcasting a live, Facebook sends a notification to all your friends, let them know you’re live. I know, it’s great.

The feature is being great, not just for public figures, but also for real media channels. TV channels and newspapers as NBC, CNN, Fox, The New York Times, and Washington Post like to broadcast their information through this feature. They use to broadcast information before and after an event. An example could be Political Debates, during this month. These channels transmitted their opinions, and also the audience’s reactions before and after the event. Obviously, the debate would be transmitted through their websites, and TV channels; but the point is that they’re using this Facebook feature to have directly contact and engagement with the audience.

No matter if you are or not a public figure, Facebook is providing you this feature to have face to face live interaction with all your friends. So, don’t be surprised if you see your grandma or parents trying to do their own live transmission; this is just one of the things that everyone is doing through this social media platform.


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