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Allison Grimaldo // @AlmGrimaldo

This past week, my brother noticed that many of my tweets involved a picture or GIF. When he asked me why, I didn’t have a great answer, but I did notice that many times my tweets would get more favorites with a GIF attached to it.

It’s no secret that we are visual creatures. We enjoy looking at posts that help us visualize what the person is talking about or the view they are trying to get across. The past two weeks, I noticed I was tweeting a little more than usual. In February, Twitter added a new feature to help allow users to express themselves — or their tweets with GIFs. GIFs (graphics interchange format) are photos that capture a few seconds of a part of movie, or a photo that is put into motion. With this new update, users were able to search for and add GIFs to their tweets all at one time.


I love gifs, they’re funny and they’re usually a good representation of how I’m feeling, or what I wish I could say to someone (good or bad). Recently — a good majority of my tweets involved GIFs to help give my tweets a boost. I’m not sure if they helped much, but depending on the time of day I tweeted, and what I tweeted my tweets would get more a few more favorites than just one.

In fact, “Tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted that tweets with no images,” according to writer Taylor Webster. Even websites like Buffer.com give users ways to include photos with any post they schedule, making it more likely for their followers to interact with the tweet.

Although I didn’t get any retweets, I did see the number of favorites go up, which was a bit shocking, but it makes sense. I like including GIFs in my tweets because they make me chuckle, and I really believe my followers enjoy tweets more when they see a gif or photo attached to it. This week, give “giffing” a try! Attach a photo, video or GIF to some of your social media posts, and observe any changes in engagement. Don’t forget:



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