New type of Cooking Shows?

by.Breanne Solon

New type of cooking show?

Like many people in the social media world, I use my accounts to look up funny animal videos or look at food videos. When I find one that looks particularly tasty I’ll save them because I like to pretend I am a cook. in reality I save the videos because the food looks good and I kid myself into thinking I’m going to make all of those delicious recipes when really I’m making ramen. But the great thing about all of these videos is that if I had time or patience I really could make these videos and pretend that I have my life together.

Many of the videos I see are on Facebook pages and they all have a variety of things they show. There’s the Buzzfeed version in Tasty, and under tasty there are two other pages. Proper tasty is a page that updates favorite foods from the British Isles. Then there is Tasty Demais, is a page from Brazil. Then there’s the heavy emphasized comfy comfort food from the Cooking Panda, which is operated by Food Please. And of course the page that many college kids live by, Spoon University, which helps kids in college cook and they have great hacks for those unfortunate souls that still live in the dreaded dorms. There’s also the ever lovely (for 21 year olds and up) Tipsy Bartender, which can help those who want to learn how to make those special or themed alcoholic drinks. There are many many more pages that have recipes and videos on how to make food but if I were to list them all this would end up being an extremely long blog soooo I’ll stop it here.

Even though I may not cook as often I should these videos have saved me when I get adventurous and actually decide to cook. They have great recipes and directions and the videos show you how it is actually supposed to look if you aren’t the greatest cook out there. Plus the videos are short and get straight to the point if you are impatient and don’t want to watch a long TV show just to make one simple thing. So the next time you want to learn how to make a three-cheese mac and cheese or a knock off McRib sandwich they’ve got you covered.

Happy Cooking!


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