Social Footprints



By: Robert Warren

Social footprints can create the paths to enter the job market.


Stepping into the job market, you walk in with a trace, a trace of footprints. These footprints follow you everywhere you go—you once had an online Facebook political debate, and argued for a specific side, a real heated discussion, and next thing you know, you want to be a journalist. You decide to apply somewhere and then there is your employer—looking at your bias social media debate, and seeing the side you argued for in it.

You want to be a neutral journalist but now appear to have a bias. Will you get hired? Maybe you will get hired but you were the one to have that bias visible online. These prints are the things we have to keep in mind when every day we are leaving our social footprints.

The prints are seen everywhere from the employers to the employed. Classic examples of negative prints can be visible just Hillary and Donald. Let’s look at the issues.


Does anybody even use email anymore? Well…apparently Hillary does. Many people still do actually. Actually according a 2014 Gallup survey, “Younger Americans are also well above average in their use of cellphones, email and social media on a daily basis.”

Releasing classified information through the emails was a problem that followed her into the election and with the end of the election right around the corner; the problem has still not gone away. The FBI is reviewing the emails. This email mistake is an example of a print, the social footprint, which clearly can follow you into the job market.


Donald Trump, businessperson, and candidate for the President of the United States has had a twitter and has made some interesting choices with it. He has called people out on twitter and doing things like that could leave an employer, if he were anyone but Trump at this point, wondering, would he call people out like this in the workplace if he does it on social media?

Then there is Donald Trump Jr. with the skittles tweet, which got a lot of attention. The tweet compared Skittles to Syrian Refugees, got a lot of backlash, and was made into a skit by Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah.


Your social footprints follow you where you go. Keep in mind that your online presence is not just a thing that only you see. By being on social media, you are creating a personal brand, so brand yourself in a way that would spin you in career circles that you would want. Get LinkedIn. By this LinkedIn, I mean literally, many employers now hire through the LinkedIn marketplace of jobs, and even Snapchat could one day land you a job.