Social media and Shopping



By:Zoee Acosta

Social media has been a means for companies to advertise their products for a while. Most people have become so used to seeing advertisements on their social media feeds that they do not notice how social media influences their shopping choices. From advertisements to reading reviews, social media impacts 45% of digital buyers.
With the help of Pinterest people have been buying more and more products online. With buyable pins, people have found it easier to purchase things online as well as be influenced by the things they see. The Pinterest buy button seems to attract busy moms who like to read reviews on the app before actually buying the product. The feedback any product receives has been shown to deeply influence a person’s willingness to later buy that product.
The push for Instagram ads has also influenced buyer choices when looking to a product. Instagram ads now take you to the seller’s website and urge people to look at all their products. Quick descriptions and ads that suggest the product will help the buyer keep up with modern style, buyers feel more informed on prices and options for buying a specific product.
Social media also allows people to join sweepstakes and contest that drive them towards a product. Many companies ask consumers to buy a product then return to social media for a chance to win a prize. This drive towards a prize helps brands on social media as well as helps the buyer make a choice on what brand they want to purchase from. Bargains tend to trump brand loyalty when it comes to social media shopping. During the holiday season, people spend hours looking at a product online to ensure they will have the best quality for the lowest price. This makes social media influence on buying crucial for most brands.
Social media is a great way to promote and find products at great prices. People are finding it more and more convenient to buy online than go to a store.




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