Social Media in Film

Social media is a great tool for marketing movies. Using social media to promote your films has become a tactic that many marketing teams have used for movies since its existence. The amount of hype that surrounds trailers in the digital age is something that we’ve never seen before. Thanks to platforms like Youtube and Twitter, movie studios can reach a much larger audience. Movie trailers like ‘Star Wars: Rogue One’ broke a record for the most watched trailer at an astounding number of 24 million views. The Star Wars movie before that one reached 1 million views in 23 seconds. Studios are also creating twitter profiles for each individual movie that is about to release to attract twitter users to it and gain a following. The goal for the studio is always to make more money than it cost to make the movie. Making a profit it what makes your movie successful and the only way to do that is to get more eyes on your product. Even some indie films have taken to Instagram to promote their films.

I personally love movie promotions. I always take the time to admire the savviness of the marketers and how they sway the social media audience into wanted more from their film. Movies like ‘Deadpool’ took to social media and beyond to promote the film. Some have even called it one of the best marketing campaigns that they had ever seen for a movie. They used commercials, creative trailers, and incorporated holidays to market the movie.


Source: Fox Movies

Movies in the Star Wars franchise are mostly marketed through word of mouth and the trailers and other promotion are used to excite the audience and sell toys. In fact, when I found out that a new Star Wars movie was on the way, I went and purchased three new toys for my cousins. The hype (and the force) is real.

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