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This week Twitter announced that it will shut down its video-sharing app, Vine. The app, acquired by Twitter in 2012, was released in 2013 and allowed users to share 6-second video clips.

With only that short 6 seconds, some users made careers for themselves using only the front facing camera of their iPhone. From acting, to singing, to video artistry names emerged successfully from the app.

Perhaps the biggest star from Vine is 18-year-old Shawn Mendes. In what started mini-covers of songs with his guitar in hand, Mendes launched his own career. The Canadian pop singer is now among only five artists who have earned two number one albums at that young according to Billboard.

The Vine star is in good company, just this summer the song “Lost Boy” by fellow Viner Ruth B shot to the top of the charts after posting a short preview of the song on her Vine account. The 21-year-old now is now working with artists like Lorde on her upcoming debut album.

However, music isn’t the only route to fame that Viners found.

Cameron Dallas, who created comedy vines, made Vine lucrative almost immediately by touring with a group of teenage boys from the app, calling themselves Magcon (which included Shawn Mendes.) The group, who has since broken up, held meet and greets with their thousands of tween followers. More recently released the trailer to his own Netflix show this last week.

Also in the Vine comedy arena is Andrew Bachelor, otherwise known as King Bach. After gaining 14.2 million followers on Vine King Bach earned himself a recurring role on multiple TV shows including, Wild N’ Out, The Mindy Project, and The Daily Show.

The singers and comedians are in good company with their fellow Viners, many of whom are following the same career paths. So while the video-sharing app may be history in the coming months, the stars it created are merely beginning their careers.



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