The Cubs Finally Made it Back


Photo Credit: The Chicago Cubs

By Kidd Campbell


It happened. The unthinkable. In a year where the British leave the European Union, the Colombians give the cold shoulder to a peace treaty 50 years in the making, and Donald Trump is still a presidential nominee. The Chicago Cubs make it to the MLB World Series. For a person who bets against hell freezing over, this may be the year to stop betting that along with pigs flying because it could actually happen.

For those who witnessed the Cubs take the National League pennant and were not residing in the city of Los Angeles, something that only sports could bring us happened. An entire city, a city larger than most countries, sang together and wept as fans of all ages witnessed the team with the worst luck in all of sports finally make it back to the Promised Land.

Twitter lit up as the cubs got their final out and the announcers went silent to let Cubs’ fans have their moment in the spotlight that shone away from them for at least 71 years. Everyone from Hillary Clinton to the mayor of Los Angeles went wild and congratulated this team that has been plagued by 11 curses.


Photo Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Cubs’ fans also allowed themselves to show remorse once their long awaited goal was achieved. The official fan site of the Cubs took a stance that Steve Bartman should finally be treated like a human being. That’s right. The Cubs’ are willing to eliminate one of their 11 horcruxes now that they finally made it. The poor man who just wanted to catch a foul ball in 2005 during the NLCS who became a social pariah, can now leave his hiding spot beneath Wrigley and join society.

On October 23, 2016 when the Cubs clinched the NLCS the related hashtags were trending in the top spots of the board. The Cubbies are finally relevant again and baseball is better for it. Now only if the World Series could beat a Dallas Cowboys regular season game in the ratings.


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