The Ever Falling Trust in Media


By: Joseph Osula

The need for truth in a media is really one of the most important things that we can get to learn on as a whole society. However we can see that time after time again out media have created less time and resource to this factor in publishing out stories and only now care about the factors that could get peoples attention. I must acknowledge that the media and journalist are not only to blame for this problem, that we the public need to also share some responsibility in this problem also. In this 21st century and millennial age the attention span is decreasing more and more as the years go buy. news-mediaWe all want to know what the next big technology, app or story will be. Therefore as a result of these some journalist have decided not put most of the really and turf work to the side, hereby making them focus on sensationalizing every story they find. Therefore most media reporting outlets, especially newsworthy materials are now being spun on a regular basis, embellished and even exaggerated in order to captivate viewers and or gain ratings. As a matter of fact the results of all these things has ended up backfiring on the news media. This was due to the fact that when people began to notice that the truth and facts have been altered in some shape, way or form the public then began to loose all credibility and reliability in today’s media. Moreover in September of last month Gallup produced a very harrowing poll that showed that only 32% of the whole population now find the media to be trust worthy, Gallup also notes this is the lowest point it has ever been. I really believe that the trust in our news media needs to be regained for a good and healthy society. Hence having truth and fact based stories with out aggrandizement would be a good start.

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