Vine is dead – what it means for sports fans, plus the top 5 sports Vines of all-time

Last week, Vine and Twitter announced news I don’t think anyone was ready for: Vine was dead, and would soon be unavailable.

Naturally, my first reaction was “so does this mean I can’t watch probably pirated sports highlight clips at six-second intervals?”

The short answer is yes, eventually that will be the case. For now, though, Vine is remaining active and online. They pledged not to mess with or take down Vines people have created, and promised to “do this the right way,” whatever that actually means.

Honestly, it is quite shocking to me that it died, and Twitter killed it off. Twitter bought Vine for $30 million in 2012, and it has been one of the most successful aspects of Twitter. Athletes, celebrities and media all use it.

However, it appears Vine was shut down because of its inability to adapt, and, more importantly, generate revenue. While other video apps may be more complicated to use, they cater to the user by adding features like filters and editing devices.

No matter.

For sports fans, it really is not the end of the world. People can still record video and post it to their Twitter, which essentially serves the same purpose as Vine. Now days, most sports teams official Twitter accounts, media members and TV stations will tweet highlight reel plays or GIFs, so in actuality, we aren’t losing out on too much.

Heck, even Snapchat has swooped in and been able to recreate some of the magic Vine had, especially with people posting videos synced with music and filters.

One thing I have yet to see anyone replicate that Vine nailed is the humor. There have been way too many funny sports vines. So in memoriam, and to honor Vine, here are the top five sports Vines of all-time.

No. 5

The mouthguard toss

No. 4

LeBron James

No. 3

Watch your stick

No. 2

You like that?

No. 1

The crossover

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